Where to find ideas for ads? Top list of spy tools for push notifications in 2021

Where to find ideas for ads? Top list of spy tools for push notifications in 2021


Every media buyer has at least once faced an issue of ads burn out, CTR reduction and, as result, traffic reduction in their ads campaigns. In order to support the actuality of ads campaigns, it is required to constantly renew ads, test new landing and regularly monitor bids in auction. Likewise, even though the situation with bids is quite straightforward, then personal ads and landing can quickly finish and it will be required to search for fresh ideas elsewhere. This article discusses all topical spy tools for monitoring of ads in push notifications format, which will help you to avoid any problems related with lack of ads and new ideas for them.


1. What spy tool is all about and its application
2. Appropriate spy tools for push notification traffic in 2021
3. Conclusion

What spy tool is all about and its application

Have you ever wanted to see what do your competitors promote? Or have you ever pondered on which offers to start your push notifications ads with in order to get first profitable campaigns? Spy tool is the exact instrument, which can help you with it. With help of spy tool, you can track all verticals and offers advertised by competitors across various advertising networks, have a complete overview of their ads, landings and offers.

Spy tools provide you with plenty of useful information for analysis of advertising campaigns of competitors, such as:
— Advertising network
— Type of devices and Operating System
— Duration of advertising campaign
— Activity
— Ads
— Landings
— Target URL
— Frequency of push notifications displays (whether campaign is popular or not)

This information allows you to determine which campaigns are functioning successfully for a specific vertical. In addition, each spy tool has a specific set of sorting and filtration, which significantly simplify the process of searching for ads necessary for you.

A lot of advertising networks, including ClickStar, are directly dependent on traffic volume in advertising campaign and number of ads push notifications displayed in this campaign. You can find large databases of ads push notifications in spy tools for multiples of GEO and directions, hereby by using these tools you can easily and quickly find sufficient number of ads for verticals necessary for you and redeem maximum volumes of traffic in advertising networks, including these ads push notifications for your campaign.

Appropriate spy tools for push notification traffic in 2021

In 2021 there are 3 main types of spy services in the market for monitoring of ads in push notifications traffic, and each of them has its own pros and cons. We will further discuss these tools in details.

1) SpyPush — https://spypush.com
SpyPush — is the first spy tool for push notifications traffic, which operates in the market of monitoring of ads push notifications for more than 3 years. This tool operates for 95+ GEO, supports 9 largest advertising networks and includes the database, as well as more than 2,000,000 ads.

The main advantage of this spy tool is a completely free version with several limitations of functional, which is perfectly suitable for beginners, who launch their first advertising campaigns, as well as more experienced advertisers, who want to understand the service better.

In order to receive access to the free version of service, it is sufficient to register at website and authorize via your Gmail. After completing the registration, you will receive a free access to all modules of service: SpyPush, SpyNative, SpyAdult and SpyPop. It is very comfortable, since ads and landings for native traffic are very similar to the ones used for push notifications traffic, hereby you receive a larger database of ads absolutely for free.

The free version of SpyPush includes the following functional for you:
— Full access to database of ads, but without any sorting and filtration, except for filter by country. In addition, there is a limit of 12 displayed ads per page:

— Access to information about targeting of ads campaign inside the information block below the ads notification

— Detailed page of an ad with target URL and similar ads

— “Favorites” section, where you can add your selection of ads

— Ability to download ads in 1 click

This functional from a free version is sufficient to launch ads campaigns, find several ads of a preferred theme and test them inside the advertising network with a live traffic.

The paid version of SpyPush includes the following advantages over the free version:
— Full access to database of ads without any limitations or ads
— Downloading landings of your competitors in 1 click
— Filters by device type, GEO, languages, ads networks and activity
— Ads sorting by popularity and age
— Search using keywords
— Search using URL / domain

In addition, it is worth pointing out that SpyPush is the only spy tool in the market that supports monitoring of iOS Push Calendar notifications, which undoubtedly will help you to find profitable campaigns and ads in this format.

So, in summary, SpyPush is the most affordable spy tool for push notifications in 2021 with sufficiently diverse functional and impressive database of ads push notifications.
— Free version availability
— Affordable price of full version — 49$
— Wide selection of filters and sorting
— Support of iOS Push Calendar format

— No history of CPC notifications
— No automatic translation of headings in ads push notifications

Use ClickStar promocode and receive a 20% discount for the first payment.

2) Anstrex Push — https://www.anstrex.com
Anstrex — is a topical spy tool for push notifications in 2021, which supports 38 advertising networks, 92 GEO and contains a database with 3,000,000 ads.

This tool supports the entire functional, which supports SpyPush, and in addition offers several additional interesting functions:
— History of CPC notifications
— Automatic translation of texts in ads push notifications for a search using keywords
— Embedded editor of landings
— Automatic download of landings to your server

Unfortunately, Anstrex does not include a completely free version of service, but you can return funds within 24 hours after payment, in case if service does not meet your expectations due to any reasons.

— The most diverse functional in the market of spy tools for push notifications
— Multiples of supported networks
— Advanced work with landings

— No free version
— High price — 89.99$ per month

Use clickstar_20 promocode and receive 20% discount for the first payment.

3) Adplexity Push — https://push.adplexity.com
Adplexity Push — is a spy service of Push notifications ads by a famous brand of spy tools, which operates in the market for many years already. Adplexity Push supports 10 advertising networks and more than 80 GEO.

There is no reason to doubt the quality of this tool, because Adplexity always provides its customers with thousands of latest push notifications ads every day. Adplexity Push supports the whole necessary functional for monitoring of ads in push notifications, but some of the functions that are available in Anstrex, are disabled for this version (e.g., embedded editor of landings).

Adplexity Push also does not have free version of service, but there is a complete refund within 24 hours after payment.

— Verified brand
— Support of ads monitoring for operator’s traffic
— Diverse functional

— No free version
— High price — 149$ per month


This article includes a list of the most appropriate spy service for push notifications traffic nowadays. Each of discussed services has its own advantages and disadvantages, but at the same time every spy tool from this list can assist you in resolving problems associated with lack of ads for your ads campaigns. We recommend to avoid simply copying prepared push notifications, and seek inspiration from ideas of others and create personal ads based on them by combining various images, headings and descriptions. It will help you to achieve the best results for your ads campaigns. If you have any additional questions related to work with spy service, feel free to leave comments and we will do out best to help you!