How to increase the amount of traffic?

How to increase the amount of traffic?


Current article discusses all possible methods of increasing volumes in your campaigns and defines main causes of traffic reduction in our system.


1. Causes of traffic reduction
2. Methods of increasing volume

Causes of traffic reduction

A lot of advertisers frequently ask why the traffic has reduced in their campaigns, whereby there were no changes made. The causes of that problem can vary and include changes in auction operation in our system, but in 90% of cases the reason is quite simple and explainable – it is a loss of your campaign in the auction to other competitor campaigns.

When dealing with reductions in iOS Push Calendar format, then it means that your campaigns has started ceding in CPC parameter, since auction in this format functions exactly based on principle of maximum price. It means that campaign with maximum bid across CPC in campaign auction will be receiving 90%+ of traffic from the entire available volume at this targeting. For example, your campaign has a bid set at 10 cents per click and for the past several days it was the highest bid in auction, and campaign was successfully receiving maximum traffic volume, but certain moment your competitor joins the auction and sets a bid at 15 cents per click for the same targeting, which causes the system to release all traffic to his campaign, hereby, your campaign at that very moment stops receiving traffic.

When it comes to reductions in Push Notifications format, the situation is absolutely analogous, except for the fact that auction works in this format based on CPM. Hereby, there are two main reasons of reduction, such as:
— Ads burn out, which causes reduction in CTR and hence CPM as well.
— Exclusion of your campaign by competitors at expense of significant increase in bids for your targeting.

The same applies to Redirect format. This format also includes an auction of maximum price. Campaign with top bid in the auction receives 90%+ of traffic from the total volume.

You can verify CPM, CPC and CTR indexes of your campaigns and compare them with competitors in estimator inside your campaign settings:
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It is also important to point out another important cause of traffic reduction – balance-dependence. System starts limiting the speed of traffic reversal, if account balance drops below $200. Balance-dependence functions based on the following levels:
— Below $200
— Below $150
— Below $100
— Below $50
The lower the level, the less traffic will be released by the system and the slower reversal will occur.

Limits (daily, hourly and general) function based on the same principle in ads campaigns.

Methods of increasing traffic volumes

Our system has a specific set of features related to traffic distribution across ads campaigns, hence based on these features we have prepared some recommendations for you, which can help you in increasing traffic volume in your ads campaigns.

Recommendations List:
— Upload 10 to 20 active ads for your campaigns. It can occupy more slots inside the user’s calendar in iOS format, and also increase the number of push notifications displays and avoid quick burn out of ads in Push Notifications format. Use Batch upload for ads in order to speed up the process.

— Ensure your bids correspond to the recommendations of estimator, if your bids are much lower than those values, then you are required to increase your bids to values from estimator.
— Compare your CTR and CPM indicators with average values from estimator, and in case if your values are much lower than average values, then you are required to test new advertisements or increase bids to increase CPM of your campaign.
— Create separate campaigns by subscription length within one GEO and OS based on the following:
1 campaign — target for the first day only
2 campaign — target for the second day only
3 campaign — target for the third day only
4 campaign — target for the fourth day only
5 campaign — target for the fifth day only
6 campaign — target for 6-14 days
7 campaign — target for 15-30 days
8 campaign — target for 31-365 days
Use the following functional in campaign settings:

Next, set necessary targeting and afterwards set the recommended bid for each campaign from estimator.
— Maintain account balance above $200, because once your balance drops lower than that, the system will start limiting the speed of traffic reversal.
— Remove all available limits in your campaigns:
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— Launch separate ads campaigns with the same settings for external feeds

If you have fulfilled all recommendations, but it didn’t help you to increase traffic volume, or in case if you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to leave us comments and will do our best to help you!