Advertising Network of Push Notifications — Main Advantages for Advertisers and Webmasters

Advertising Network of Push Notifications — Main Advantages for Advertisers and Webmasters


Our advertising network exists in the push notifications market for 3 years, and throughout this entire period continuously supplies qualitative traffic to advertisers, as well as diversified means of traffic monetization and stable payments to all webmasters, personal website owners and also media buyers, who attract traffic via direct links. This article discusses in details all benefits of working with us in all directions.


1. Main Advantages for Advertisers
2. Main Advantages for Webmasters

Main Advantages for Advertisers

Each advertiser is primarily interested in traffic in the advertising network, particularly its quality and volume. 95% of traffic in our system is traffic from inhouse publishers (direct traffic), which guarantees you high-quality traffic, which is converting at all popular verticals in the market. We thoroughly filter out all bot traffic and also protect our base from undesirable subscriptions, and thanks to that, maintain high quality of traffic for entire subscriptions length.

Thanks to stable and productive work with webmasters, we provide 3 million clicks to our advertisers on daily basis in Push Notifications format, as well as 200 thousand clicks in iOS Push (Calendars) format. Our advertising network is among market leaders in terms of traffic volume for new, innovative format – iOS Push Calendars.

In addition, all trusted advertisers get access to Redirect format, which yields 1 million of shows of qualitative traffic every day.

Minimum price per click in our system is $0,001 for any format.

All detailed information about volumes and prices of traffic can be found in our statistics that gets updated on daily basis at the following page
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Our subscribers database keeps increasing and getting updated every day, which ensures traffic from the latests subscriptions at all times.

It is also worth pointing out, that sometimes there are situations, when dishonest webmasters are trying to cheat the system by providing fraudulent traffic. In such situations we always take advertisers’ side and provide a full compensation for bad-quality traffic from such publishers and block them inside the system right away.

All advertisers have access to an innovative tool for campaigns optimization, called Smart Bidding, which helps to save time and money during the process of ads campaigns optimization.

There is a wide selection of personal account top-up methods available at the platform. At the moment of this article completion, there are following methods available inside the system:
— Webmoney
— Bank Transfer
— Paypal
— Payoneer

We also provide invoices for all payments performed with any pay method.

Our advertising office works in a fast and stable manner, and also provides a broad functional for settings and optimization of a campaign. All advertisers have got a chance to enable targeting of subscriptions of various subscription length with precision up to 1 day, which allows to obtain the latest traffic in the system.
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All advanced advertisers can enjoy an option of enabling API for integration with platforms based on monitoring and settings of ads campaigns.

We have considered an option of purchasing traffic from external advertising networks for those advertisers, who require to purchase more traffic. Thanks to segregation of campaigns into internal and external feeds, all advertisers can increase traffic volumes for ads campaigns without any major financial losses. We don’t mix traffic from external advertising networks with our internal traffic, which creates an opportunity for advertisers to set the feeds price, which allows to stream this traffic, while generating income.

Settings for campaigns segregation by traffic type:
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Each advertiser in our network has access to personal manager (Telegram @clicknik, Skype live:.cid.baed75d9716ff1cb), who can assist you with regards to any question related to ClickStar platform and tries to maximize your profit.

Main Advantages for Webmasters

Based on rich working experience in push notifications market, we have tried to create the most comfortable working conditions for webmasters at our platform.

We pay for all qualitative traffic in a timely and deserving manner. We understand the importance of having stable and quick payout, that’s why all webmasters have access to daily withdrawals with a minimum amount of $1.

There are various withdrawal methods available for publishers:
— Webmoney WMZ
— Capitalist USD
— Paxum USD
— PayPal USD
— ЮMoney RUB
— Advertiser balance
—Visa / Mastercard

In addition, our system also considers award of an official contract to receive payouts. In case of necessity, each payout is accompanied by Confirmation of transfer.

All webmasters have access to monetization of http and https websites at any GEO. Our advertisers provide the widest coverage of all possible targeting, which maintains CPM at high level inside the system.

Our multifunctional constructor of subscription forms, as well as wide selection of landings for direct hyperlinks, are able to provide a high conversion percentage of your traffic inside the subscription. In addition, you can also add your personal landing for traffic monetization.
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We always provide only latest domains for Direct links and http websites.

All advanced webmasters can connect API for integration with platforms based on monitoring and your campaigns settings.

Each webmaster has access to fine-tuning of website monetization. You can personally select the “difficulty level” of the monetization, as well as number of mailing lists, being sent to a user within a day.

You can recommend our platform to your partners and receive 3% from deposits for all webmasters attracted by you based on referral program.

All webmasters with verified traffic quality have access to monetization of iOS push notifications based on CPL model with high stakes.

Each webmaster in our system has got access to personal manager (Telegram @clickstar_me, Skype live:clickstar_me), who can help you to deal with any question related to ClickStar platform and assist in significantly increase your profits, at expense of a correct monetization settings for your traffic.